How Does Your Listing Look?

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As a buyer, a new home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. As a seller, your home is likely your largest asset. Recent reports put the statistic for online house-hunting at around 80%, meaning many buyers are deciding whether they are interested in a property just by looking at the photos. The way your home shows online makes a first and lasting impression. Is it an accurate one?

© Allyson Scott

This is the same room photographed on the same day! Time and time again, we see listings on with only a handful of photos, most of which are crooked, poorly exposed, and don’t appear to make any effort to showcase the home’s true selling features.

We’ve tried to mimic the types of visuals that are often available online with one of our own listings, to reveal how photography can change the impact of a property.

© Allyson Scott

Which view would make you want to live here?

Kitchens are one of the primary selling points for houses and condos, and buyers need to see more than the small angle of view a cell phone image can provide. Lights should be on, it should look clean and uncluttered, and there needs to be a sense of how the rooms flow together – or it’s just too challenging for buyers to truly envision themselves in the space.

© Allyson Scott

As an owner, you should expect professional representations of what it is you’re selling, whether it’s a $2,000 lease, a $400,000 property, or a multi-million dollar mansion. Buyers will bypass listings that look small, or dark, or cluttered.

Something as simple as switching from a vertical to horizontal orientation (as well as composition, lighting, and exposure) can make all the difference in whether a listing catches a buyer’s eye, or not.

© Allyson Scott

Just remember – if you don’t love the way your home looks online, neither will buyers!

And if you aren’t happy with how your property is being presented…you know who to call!

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