What To Listen To In 2022

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posted by Allyson Scott

Even before the pandemic, having a job that requires a serious amount of driving meant becoming familiar with a roster of popular podcasts and audiobooks to supplement music playlists. They can also help you feel like you’re multitasking (or simply being entertained) when doing household tasks – especially January shovelling! 

If you’re a podcast devotee, we’d love to hear what some of your favourite shows and episodes are! And if you’ve never heard of some of our recommendations, or haven’t listened to them in a while, it would be great to get your feedback on this list.

Let’s start with something light, entertaining, and Canadian!

The title describes the podcast perfectly. Most episodes are 30 minutes, and feature a few different speakers (making it easy to tune in for as little as five minutes if that’s all the time you have). You will cringe, you will laugh, and you might also enjoy additional content through their Twitter account, @GRTTWaK!

Another show offering bite-sized listens is Planet Money from NPR, which covers so much more than just dry economics!

Learn about reasons for the housing shortage, the fate of returned products, what NFTs are, the practice of ticket scalping, and more!

If you have a little more time for enlightenment (although they regularly offer “Short Stuff” episodes), check out the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

Hear hosts Josh and Chuck discuss things like tipping practices, how to research charities before you donate, what feng shui is all about, and even an entire episode on cookies (don’t listen on an empty stomach).

An interesting and engaging listen is How To Fail, hosted by English journalist and broadcaster Elizabeth Day.


There is something deeply reassuring about hearing stories of failure from wildly successful people like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Stanley Tucci, and Brené Brown, along with lesser-known but equally noteworthy people. Hear what their failures taught them along their path to success!

Speaking of Brené Brown, she is a best-selling author and research professor at the University of Texas who studies courage, empathy, vulnerability, and leadership. Her podcast, Dare To Lead, has a lot to offer listeners – once my ear became accustomed to her frequent use of the term “y’all”!

She picks themes that often touch on mental health and personal growth, sharing stories from her own life and interviewing other experts and/or celebrities about their experiences, failures, and successes. I found her 2-part interview with James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, a terrific way to help with goal setting for the new year!

A growing trend in the podcasting world is the emergence of several advice-giving shows, ranging from the unqualified but often funny Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman, to the exceedingly qualified Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch.Their podcast “Dear Therapists” offers a live, one-time therapy session with someone who has written in with questions about family relationships, romantic partnerships, questions of morality, issues surrounding mental health, and more. Both Guy and Lori have popular Ted Talks and have authored best-selling books. I found Lori’s book “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone” to be one of my favourite listens on Audible last year!

If you’re a bookworm, then you might want to check out The Stacks, a book review and author discussion show hosted by professional reader Traci Thomas.

Find recommendations for new reads, hear in-depth interviews with authors, and participate in this virtual book club for titles you’ve already read!

Another similar option is The Book Review podcast from the New York Times.

Host Pamela Paul and editors at the NYT discuss what’s going on in the literary world, talk with authors, offer suggestions for outstanding releases in various genres, answer listener questions, and more!

Of all the podcast formats, my favourite is a great interview show – of which there are almost too many to choose from!

It was a surprise to discover what a talented host actor Alec Baldwin is, and I’ve been a regular listener of his podcast for years. He’s got a voice made for radio, asks terrific questions and actually listens to the answers, and has a wide variety of guests across multiple disciplines. An hour rarely seems long enough!

Likewise for actor Dax Shepard, who hosts the twice-weekly show Armchair Expert with actress Monica Padman.

Guests of Dax and Monica are mostly people in the performing arts, but what sets his show apart is how personal he and his interviewees are willing to get. He’s not afraid of crossing lines or asking those deeply personal questions, and he certainly isn’t afraid of sharing his own mistakes and vulnerabilities.

Hope you enjoyed our Top Ten – please drop us a line and let us know some of yours, and we can share our client additions!

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