Eataly’s “La Scuola At Home”

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posted by Allyson Scott

Each year, our family goes out of their way to find unique experiences to give one another as Christmas gifts, so that it equals more time together instead of more stuff. One year my mom arranged an escape room challenge, the next I bought a wine tasting event, last year my sister bought a truffle appreciation class, and this year she purchased an online pizza class from Eataly!

Eataly recently opened a location in the ManuLife Centre at Bloor & Bay, where they have a café, restaurant, seafood counter and dining areas that are closed during COVID – however they also offer groceries and specialty products for pickup or delivery, plus amazing online classes!

The ingredients for the pizza-making experience were delivered to our homes just a few hours in advance, for maximum freshness. They included two portions of pre-made dough, ingredients to make three additional portions of dough, fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce. Oh – and a beautiful bottle of chianti of course!

There were several participants in the zoom class, including my parents from their home in Markham. The instructor led us through proper techniques for stretching out and dressing the dough that was already mixed and ready to go.

Once we had those pizzas cooking in the oven, he led us through the process of mixing the flour, yeast, salt, and water to make a fresh batch of dough, and how to properly roll it. They needed a few hours to rise, and then would be perfect to just pop in the freezer for future use.

The dogs were big fans of the smell of this food, and very interested in what was happening on the counter!

In the meantime, our beautiful margherita pizzas were now ready to enjoy (nice team plug with the cutting board :))!

The food and wine were both delicious, the experience was fun, and it was good value to have ingredients for three future meals. Even if you are zoomed-out with work, this is a great way to make use of the technology and connect with friends and/or family! We’d highly recommend you give one of these classes a try!

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  1. Pam McDonnell says:

    Love home made pizzas. Good job everybody!

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