Ashley: A New Home on Humber Bay

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If there’s one thing that’s immediately apparent when speaking with Ashley, it’s that this is a woman unafraid of change! When we first met her, she was living in Kitchener and looking to move to Toronto for the first time. She’d just been hired at a new tech start-up, and was leaving everyone and everything familiar to make her way in the big city.

Ashley contacted us to view a condo we had for lease in the Old Mill area in November 2017, however it was snapped up that same day by someone else. We set up a few appointments to show Ashley and her sister Jackie (who was there to offer moral support) alternative units around Humber Bay Shores.

Ashley was keen to get to know Toronto while living a little outside the city centre. “I wasn’t familiar with the city, and it just felt a little too big, and too busy. I wanted to find a compromise that would feel like a smaller community, yet not be too ugly a commute,” Ashley explained. By mid-December, she’d settled on a lovely 1-bedroom plus den suite on Lake Shore Boulevard.

Entry of Ashley’s first leased condo in Toronto (photo © MLS system)

The cozy living room complete with fireplace (photo © MLS)

The kitchen and dining area surrounded by windows and a walk-out (photo © MLS)

The stunning lake view from the balcony (photo © MLS)

“I didn’t realize how much I would love living by the lake until I moved in,” Ashley said. In addition to the picturesque views from her condo, she was just a few minutes’ walk from the Humber Bay Shores Park and trails, close to restaurants and shopping, and a 20-30 minute drive from her office in the Junction.

Six months later, Ashley changed jobs to work at another new start-up near King West, and over the next few months began to really feel settled into her life as a Torontonian. “I wanted to rent first, and not rush into a purchase that might end up with me having buyer’s remorse,” she explained, “but it was very difficult to go back to being a renter. I owned a house in Hamilton, then another one in Kitchener, and it was hard to suddenly have a landlord. I just wanted to fix any issues myself!”

In the spring of this year, feeling confident she’d made the right choice of neighbourhoods, Ashley called us again to begin the hunt for a condo of her own in the Humber Bay area. The first real contender was a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom suite on Lake Shore Boulevard West that was listed for $698,000. It was pricey, and required hefty maintenance fees of $717/mo as well, but it offered over 1,000 sq ft of space and a balcony with a lake view. Ashley decided not to bid, and it sold for $680,000.

Kitchen and living area (photo © MLS)

Master bedroom with walk-out (photo © MLS)

Lake view from the balcony (photo © MLS)

Other listings Ashley went to see included a unit at 15 Windermere Ave, which is a lovely building with lake views (the condo is called Windermere By The Lake for a reason)…as long as you don’t mind a foreground view of the Gardiner! (she did)

Windermere By The Lake (photo © MLS)

A balcony view from Windermere (photo © MLS)

Ashley also considered a loft at the Mystic Pointe Skylofts building on Manitoba Street, which is around 17 years old and has large units with unique layouts. However, the larger the unit, the higher the maintenance fees.

The 2+1-bedroom, 2-bathroom suite she viewed was over 1,000 square feet, in great condition, and very bright, but the maintenance fees were nearly $800/month. Considering how few amenities the building offered, Ashley decided this was too expensive. The unit ended up selling for its full $585,000 asking price.

The Mystic Pointe Skylofts (photo © MLS)

The kitchen and family room (photo © MLS)

Ultimately, the clear winner for Ashley was a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom suite at Park Lawn and Lake Shore listed at $619,900. The unit was only a few months old and never lived in, and was listed a few times at various price points by the owner with no sale.

The second bedroom and the balcony were irregularly-shaped, and the unit was never staged with furniture, so Ashley thinks perhaps other buyers were unable to envision the potential in the way she could. With no other offers on the table, we were able to negotiate the final sale price down further to $610,000!

Westlake Encore Condos exterior (photo © MLS)

There’s something to be said for having everything new, and being the first one to break in all the appliances!

Ashley in her new kitchen © Allyson Scott

Ashley and her cat Diesel (rescued from a diesel engine) in the living room © Allyson Scott

Diesel chilling out in the master bedroom © Allyson Scott

Celeste waking up to say hello © Allyson Scott

Ashley’s view from her den © Allyson Scott

The interior of her condo is terrific, but what really sold Ashley on her new home were the stunning views, and the incredible amenities! Restaurants, grocery stores, the LCBO, a drugstore, coffee shops and more are just steps away from the lobby, and the building itself offers a wide variety of facilities.

The scenic views of the pool deck from Ashley’s balcony © Allyson Scott

Barbecues on the pool deck level © Allyson Scott

The view from the upper rooftop deck © Allyson Scott

Ashley on the rooftop deck (with indoor banquet space for functions) © Allyson Scott

One side of the wraparound fitness centre © Allyson Scott

We think Ashley has great instincts, and made a solid investment that is bound to increase in value – particularly if the new GO station at the former Mr. Christie plant site comes to fruition.

How was Ashley’s experience navigating the notoriously challenging Toronto real estate market?

“My sister Jackie said right from the first contact that she had a good feeling about you guys. We both appreciated your responsiveness, and your ability to communicate. I’ve worked with other Realtors in the past that I couldn’t wait to be finished with, but this was different. I feel like we’ve built a solid relationship, and you have no idea how many times I’ve already recommended you to people I know!”

Thanks for your vote of confidence Ashley! We believe in building personal relationships, and offering our fantastic clients/friends a full range of services, whether it involves a lease, a purchase, or a sale.

It was a real pleasure helping you, Diesel, and Celeste find your way home!

Ashley looking happy in her new home © Allyson Scott


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