Tammy & Jason: Climbing The Property Ladder

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Tammy and Jason are high school sweethearts who have been together since 11th grade, and will be getting married later this year.

Their first venture into the Toronto real estate market involved buying a pre-construction 1+1-bedroom, 1-bathroom condo in the east end Wexford-Maryvale area. Although it was an affordable entry point into the housing market, Tammy says, “It was a bit cramped. I was thinking about our next house as soon as we moved in!”

The living area of Tammy and Jason’s condo © Allyson Scott

The condo kitchen © Allyson Scott

She and Jason were not fans of the maintenance fees, the lack of space, the condo rules, and restrictions on pets. They had two cats, and the fact that their small dog had to live with their parents while they were in the condo was a contributing factor to the decision move on. Can you blame them for wanting to see this face every day?

Aiden giving some serious side eye © Allyson Scott

Tammy’s friend told her how helpful Jody had been to her and her husband (thanks so much Gill!), and Tammy reached out to Jody about a month later. When they met, Jody suggested to Tammy and Jason that they consider keeping their condo to rent out as an investment, but they weren’t interested in the idea of being landlords. As they began investigating different areas they may want to live, Jody listed their condo for $329,900. Despite the slowdown in the market conditions, it took just two weeks to sell at very close to the full asking price!

In their new house search, location and value were key. Tammy works as an IT consultant in Markham, and Jason is a labour lawyer downtown. They didn’t want to pay downtown prices to live in the core, and had to balance commuting times for both of them. They also wanted to balance the desire for some usable outdoor space, but not too much. Jason said, “We don’t want to spend all our time doing yard work!”

After viewing several properties, the first house they decided to offer on was this lovely semi-detached house in Clairlea, listed at $850,000:

photo courtesy of Toronto MLS® system

photo courtesy of Toronto MLS® system

Before the offer was presented to the seller, however, Tammy and Jason changed their minds and said they would prefer to see more properties. They were able to rescind their offer since it hadn’t yet been presented, and kept looking.

A short time later, they offered on this end-unit townhome in Dorset Park, listed at $839,000:

photo courtesy of Toronto MLS® system

photo courtesy of Toronto MLS® system

The offer they made was accepted with conditions, including a home inspection. Unfortunately Tammy and Jason were not completely happy with the results of the report, and the sale did not go through.

Finally, the house that was meant to be theirs came onto the market. It was listed at $699,900, and poised for multiple offers. When the offer date arrived there was another prospective buyer, and after some hectic negotiations guided by Jody, Tammy and Jason made a successful bid of $785,000.

They moved into their new home in September, and are very glad to finally have their pets all under one roof with them!

Tammy, Jason, and Aiden at the entrance of their new house © Allyson Scott

Snow checking out the visitor  © Allyson Scott

Jason says this is their “5-10 year house” where they plan to get married and grow their family. Tammy loves having more space, and being able to decorate to their own taste. This handy couple even made their own live-edge wood table that fits perfectly in the living room space!

Living room with handmade table © Allyson Scott

Living room with gas fireplace and stone surround © Allyson Scott

Kitchen with quartz counters and prep island  © Allyson Scott

Upper level deck, photo courtesy of Toronto MLS®

“Our experience was much better than what we know other people have gone through,” Tammy said. “It wasn’t frustrating, it was a good learning experience. Jody was very patient, never pushy, and knows everything about houses that we didn’t!”

Thanks, Tammy and Jason! We wish you much happiness in your new home and with your upcoming wedding!

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