Does Your Listing Look Professional?

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The question “why should I hire you?” is one that all Realtors must field at one time or another. I don’t blame homeowners for wanting to know what services a real estate professional can offer them, and I covered the basic advantages in a previous post here.

Something that often gets overlooked, however, is the way in which properties are presented on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). If the goal is to have the maximum number of buyers view what you are selling, then at the very least the information must be accurate, and the photographs should be attractive!

It never ceases to amaze me when I see homes for sale with photographs that look like they were shot on the run with a cell phone. Pictures that are out of focus, badly composed, underexposed, or that showcase a piece of furniture instead of the room it’s in are not doing your property any favours!

Here are some photographs of a home currently for sale for $900,000 in the city of Toronto:

And here is another listed for $1.6 million dollars!

It’s sadly common to see listings that are incomplete (neglecting to mention huge selling features like a detached garage), incorrect (having errors in the lot size, or number of bathrooms), and filled with careless typos. Potential buyers searching on the MLS system may not even see your property if your 3-bathroom home is only listed as having 2 baths!

Of course these homes will still sell in this hot market, but can a sloppy listing affect the final price you fetch for your property? Absolutely! As the client, you should expect your listing to be well-written, accurate, and professionally photographed.

Unless of course you really feel strongly that the green wallpaper is a main selling feature of your home…and then by all means let it shine!


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