Time And Patience

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On February 28, we welcomed a new family member to our home. This is Sydney, the Welsh Springer Spaniel, on the day we picked her up!

Sydney and Jody

Sydney and Jody (c) Allyson Scott

We knew we wanted to give our new puppy the best opportunity to grow into a well-behaved dog that other people will also love, so we contacted Jill Priest at Time And Patience Dog Training.

As Jill is fond of saying, puppies have two settings: ON, and OFF!

Sydney running

Sydney running (c) Allyson Scott

Sydney sleeping

Sydney sleeping (c) Allyson Scott

Jill offers drop-in puppy playdates that help with socialization and learning how to play properly. At just $10 per session it’s an incredible value, and they’re conveniently held in both the east and west end of Toronto once per week. It’s helped our dog (and her people) immensely, as she burns off that crazy puppy energy and we pick up very helpful tips in a safe environment.

Sydney and friends at playdate

Sydney and friends at playdate (c) Allyson Scott

Find Sydney!

Find Sydney! (c) Allyson Scott

Jill and puppies

Jill and puppies (c) Allyson Scott

We have also enrolled Sydney in Jill’s truly amazing Basic Companion class, which is helping to show us how best to teach Sydney the skills she needs to be a good dog. The strides we have all made after just two sessions has proved what is possible, and we are so excited to see what our puppy will learn! The paid course is 4 weeks long, but Jill offers free unlimited classes for the life of your dog if you want to return in future and repeat any of the lessons.

Jill is a patient and knowledgeable trainer who is a real joy to work with. Check out her website for the wide variety of classes and services she offers, which ranges from classes to private training to boarding/training camps: Time And Patience

Sydney says “Thanks for helping me be a good dog, Jill!”

Sydney the Welsh Springer Spaniel

Sydney the Welsh Springer Spaniel (c) Allyson Scott


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