The Reno Results Are In!

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Renovating a house can be overwhelming, particularly if it’s not your own, and you need to stick to a reasonable budget while trying to make the property appeal to the taste of an unknown buyer.

As discussed in my previous blog post, my wife and I are updating my childhood home in order for my mother to sell it and retire to Australia. When it came to sprucing up the bathrooms, we couldn’t justify the expense of gutting them, nor did we feel good about throwing perfectly good fixtures into a landfill. Enter a company called Miracle Method (, which specializes in refinishing surfaces such as bathtubs, tile, sinks, and laminate countertops.

Bruce Edgar, the owner of Miracle Method in Brampton, came out to do an in-person quote and show us product samples. He was very professional and made the decision-making process much easier than we expected.

Two weeks later, George and Serge arrived to carefully prep the spaces and protect the rooms from overspray of the coatings we had selected. They both had terrific senses of humour (you gotta love those East Coasters!), and took great pride in their work.

George and Serge from Miracle Method

George and Serge from Miracle Method (c) Allyson Scott

George from Miracle Method

George from Miracle Method (c) Allyson Scott

Portions of two and a half bathrooms were refinished for us over the course of three days, and even when we add in the other incidental costs we will incur (such as new toilets and paint/hardware etc.), this option has saved us well over $10,000!

Renovated shower

Renovated shower (c) Allyson Scott

Renovated counter and sinks

Renovated counter and sinks (c) Allyson Scott

If you’ve got a renovation project on the go, give Bruce a call at (905) 494-1915 – I’m sure he’d love to help you out!

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