Can A New Shed Increase Property Value?

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It’s pretty common for clients to come to me with a project they have in mind, and ask whether it will actually increase the value of their home. The answer to that question will often be a matter of personal taste: a gardener would love a landscaped flower garden, but someone seeking a low-maintenance yard would not. The same goes for the appeal of a swimming pool.

Installing a new garden shed, however, is a fairly safe bet for adding value. Additional storage is usually a plus for homeowners, with a few caveats: 1) The shed must be sturdy, and follow any municipal bylaws on size (you may require a permit). 2) The shed must be well-maintained and not look shabby by the time you are ready to list your house. 3) It should be in proportion to your yard, and not take up too much of the green space.

For me, five years in a house with a large yard and no shed was long enough. It was time to check out the options at our local Home Depot.

Keter Fusion shed

Keter Fusion shed

We decided on a new product by Keter called a Fusion wood-plastic composite shed. It was slightly smaller than we’d hoped (7.5 ft x 7 ft), but we were hooked by the durability and environmentally-friendly aspects of its construction. Made of residual wood fibre and recycled thermoplastics, it is sturdy, maintenance-free, yet has the drillable walls and appearance of a natural wood shed. It also features two sets of windows and a skylight along the ridge to brighten up the interior.

Both Home Depot and Canadian Tire carry this shed, but Keter made the marketing decision to offer one colour exclusively at each retailer. We liked the slate grey colour sold at Canadian Tire, but the brown one at Home Depot was (and still is) $200 cheaper – which covered the $60 delivery fee and then some!

Choosing the delivery option was smart; it was hard enough just carrying individual pieces from the boxes on the driveway to the back yard.

Disassembled shed

Disassembled shed © Allyson Scott

We were not interested in going the route of levelling the ground or pouring a concrete slab, so we opted for concrete blocks with slots for 2″x 4″ beams to support and level the shed base. It was harder work than expected to dig various depths for the blocks so that the beams eventually read level, but it worked. Add a plywood platform, and voilà!

Supports to level shed

Supports to level shed © Allyson Scott

Of course, the first thing to do is unpack all the parts (including more bags of screws than any IKEA job I’ve done) and ensure they’re all there, then read the instructions thoroughly. I prefer to learn by doing, and skimming pages as required. 🙂

Jody reading shed instructions

Jody reading shed instructions © Allyson Scott

The manufacturer said to count on it taking two people four hours total to build the shed. If you don’t count the afternoon we spent levelling the supports, it took us…nowhere near four hours. Even though construction was straightforward, many of the angles for drilling were quite awkward, and required one person to be on a stepladder inside with another person on a ladder outside. I would not call it an easy DIY, it was hard work!

DIY shed construction

DIY shed construction © Allyson Scott

Shed in yard

Shed placement – plenty of green space! © Allyson Scott

The hard labour meant a deserved dip in the neighbours’ pool. I didn’t even stop to change my clothes.

Jody cooling off

Jody cooling off © Allyson Scott

Filling the shed is still a work in progress. I have added some hooks and shelving, leaving room to stack the patio chairs when fall arrives. Just getting the bikes, lawnmower, and garden tools out of our one-car garage has made a world of difference. Now there is room for my workbench, drill press, and table saw, so our garage can be used for its true purpose – as my workshop!

Shed interior

Shed interior © Allyson Scott


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  1. Cindy H says:

    Look at you, you are just missing the hard hat:) Good job, looks great.

    • Jody says:

      Thanks Cindy! I did wear safety glasses though 🙂 Can’t wait to fill the shed soon – since the snow is just around the corner with the weather we are having!

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