Toronto’s Food Truck Alley

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José of I Love Churros food truck

Toronto is lagging behind other cities like Hamilton when it comes to availability and variety of food truck businesses. City council has imposed a number of restrictions that make it difficult for truck owners to succeed, such as requiring trucks to part 50m away from any restaurant, and only staying a maximum of 3 hours.

Will Randolph, owner of The Feisty Jack food truck, has brought together a group of food truck owners to test out a “Food Truck Alley” in the city’s east end. By parking in a public parking lot at the corner of Jarvis St. and Queen St. E., they can bypass many of the bylaws. His hope is to expand the hours and number of trucks if the public supports the initiative.

Each Wednesday through Friday during the month of July, two food trucks will be in the lot from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. On opening day, “I Love Churros” (part of Pancho’s Bakery) was one of the featured trucks. As you can see from José’s smile, it was a good day and his churros were being snapped up!

To find out more about Toronto’s food trucks and which ones will be available in Food Truck Alley, visit Toronto Food Trucks.

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