Why Use a Professional Realtor?

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It’s one of the most frequently-asked questions in the real estate business, and I’m always happy to provide my own perspective.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, your Realtor works with you and for you. It’s important to ensure you’re a good fit to build a successful relationship, and most Realtors offer no-obligation introductory meetings where you can get a sense of each other’s interpersonal styles.  Many people are surprised by the range of services we can provide at both ends of the buying/selling experience, and not all Realtors are created equal!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve met first-time home buyers who didn’t realize a Realtor’s service is free for them – commission is paid by the person selling the home (except in the case of some private sales – but we can cover that another day!).  Trying to do your own blind research online, running around to open houses, no way of knowing whether the listed price is fair market value…and all the while, you could have an experienced professional working in your corner!

Realtors get early access to new listings before they are visible online, and in a hot market like Toronto where sales often happen within 24 hours, this can make all the difference in finding your dream home.  In fact, when inventory of available homes are so low, working with an experienced Realtor can sometimes lead to your dream home even when it’s not been listed yet!  I have built solid relationships with my past clients, and may know of a house within my network that is about to be listed soon – giving my buyer the opportunity to see the home exclusively before it actually goes on sale!

When a buyer finds a property they like, I can provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) of previous sales in the area, and ensure the listing price is fair market value for the home.  With years of experience negotiating single and multiple offer situations in Toronto, I will ensure you are not overpaying for your home.  I also review all costs and considerations with my buyers, such as:  closing fees, title insurance and land transfer taxes, along with any rebates you may be entitled to, so that your house closing is as stress-free and surprise-free as possible.

From a seller’s perspective, sometimes people aren’t sure what those commission fees buy them – but trying to sell a home independently is a difficult enterprise.  To begin with, I provide my clients with an objective evaluation, based on solid research of comparable properties.  My listings are all professionally photographed, and the unique selling features are represented beautifully on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

All calls for showings go through my office, and we book the appointments to guarantee that only licensed real estate agents have access to your home.  I follow up with every Realtor after the showings, to request valuable feedback on what their clients thought and how your house presents itself.

When it comes time to deal with offers, my years of experience are put to use in negotiating the best possible price in what can be a highly emotional situation.  More often than not, an experienced agent can negotiate a sales price of several thousand dollars more than sellers representing their own listing can achieve.  The difference in the final price can often completely cover the cost of my commission.

Lastly, your Realtor can also offer personally vetted, trusted contacts for industry professionals you may require.  Having trouble getting a mortgage rate from your bank that seems fair?  A reputable mortgage broker can help put together the best possible deal for you.  Interested in doing a flip, but not as handy as you’d like? Reliable contractors can help you realize your dream, and I only endorse people I have personally dealt with for years.

Every property is unique, and having a professional Realtor to help you navigate the hurdles ensures you’ll have the best real estate experience possible!



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