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The Healthy Butcher

I’m still familiarizing myself with Toronto’s core, having grown up in the northern town of Caledon Village, and spending my first ten years as a homeowner in Mississauga. Now that I’m enjoying life in midtown Toronto, nothing satisfies me more than exploring this great city and making interesting new finds!

Like many people I know, I’ve been struggling to gain control over the quality of food I eat, and educate myself about exactly what I’m putting into my body. Uncomfortable with many of the farming practices I’ve learned about, I went on a mission to find meat that comes from humanely raised, pastured animals – which is the mental picture most of us have of farming, yet is sadly no longer the standard reality.

My efforts led me to The Healthy Butcher, a wonderful company with two stores in Toronto: one on Queen West (meats and  a small selection of other products), and one on Eglinton West (a broader selection of organic foods, produce, sustainable seafood, cookware, and more).

The Healthy Butcher seafood counter

The seafood counter at The Healthy Butcher (c) Jody McDonnell

Founded by a couple who were both vegetarians at the time, The Healthy Butcher guarantees that all of their meat comes from local farms where livestock are fed a 100% organic diet.  No chemicals are used in the fields, no GMOs, antibiotics or other drugs are given to the livestock, and no animal by-products are in their feed.  They are humanely raised with proper care and full access to the outdoors.  In other words, it’s what our parents’ generation took for granted as normal, but what we must call “going back to basics”.  The butcher shops feel old-fashioned and welcoming, with knowledgeable staff willing to help you and answer any questions you may have.  I’ve been to both locations and had equally great experiences at each.

Additional information about the stores can be found on their website:

For people with busy lives and not enough time to travel to their shops, they have recently added the convenient option to purchase goods online for delivery:

I only wish I’d found this place sooner!


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