Why I Love MOO!

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Once I had my fancy new logo created this past summer (thank you, 99 Designs), I needed to print some fancy new business cards.  I wanted something more unique than the standard fare created by local print shops, so I turned to a UK/US-based company called MOO:


MOO offers a selection of pre-designed templates, or you can upload your own design for promotional materials ranging from business cards to postcards to labels. Their standard paper comes from sustainable sources and is ECF (elemental chlorine free), but they also offer 100% recycled “green” options for a slightly higher price.

One of the many options that makes the MOO experience so different is something they call “printfinity”, which is the ability to have any number of different images printed on the back of each card in your order (at no extra charge).  At checkout, there is an option to enter a promo code – so do a little searching online to find one before you place your order.  MOO usually offers free shipping or some percentage discount if you sign up to receive their newsletter.

When my products arrived, I was surprised by the effort that goes into the packaging!  I’d ordered a beautiful business card holder, but the cards come in handsome black carrying boxes that work well on their own.  The thick card stock and optional rounded corners make my cards stand out, and I’m proud to give them to my clients.

MOO business cards and labels

MOO business cards and labels (c) Allyson Scott

I will definitely be ordering more MOO products in future!











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