I Hate Change

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My wife and I love to take our three dogs (yes three big crazy dogs!) for long walks throughout our neighbourhood.  I enjoy making our way along the streets lined with mature trees, seeing the different types of architecture in Leaside, watching a proud homeowner tend to their flower beds, and admiring how others have added to their curb appeal with various wood or stone improvements.

But, I must say, I hate change.

My neighbourhood is changing rapidly and I don’t like it one bit.  Charming bungalows and one and half-storey homes that are coming up to their 100th birthday are being scooped up and demolished for the sake of building NEW.  New, shiny, 2- and 3-storey monster homes that change the entire look and feel of my neighbourhood.  When we stepped into our one and half-storey home, we fell in love with the original leaded glass windows, the high wood baseboards and trim, and the original hardwood floors that could probably tell a few stories about the families that lived here before us.  I cannot imagine ever giving up my keys to a construction crew, knowing that a bulldozer would take mere seconds to crunch up my small but warm and well-built home.  I would never want to trade my real wood wainscotting for MDF look-a-likes, yet clearly there is a demand for the modern new homes.  I guess I just don’t get the appeal.

It’s sad to see the houses in my area getting torn down without a care for salvaging the leaded windows or the curtains that were probably hand sewn by the owner some 90 years ago.  If you see some crazy lady chained to her front porch in 30 years while the bulldozers circle, come by and say hello because you know it will be me, desperate to hold onto a little bit of the way things were.

What are your thoughts?

Wonderful photos provided by Allyson Scott  – Thanks Ali!








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