Spring Cleaning!

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De-Clutter for a Cause!

SATURDAY MAY 11th, 2013

Donate your unwanted, gently used items to our garage sale and you’ll be helping women and children in our community safely escape violence.

100% of the proceeds go to a local women’s shelter and to education and violence prevention programs in our community.

Join us on May 11th at 1060 Bloor St W for our garage sale, BBQ and we will be drawing for  Blue Jay Tickets!

If you have any items you can donate for the garage sale – please contact me anytime and I can come collect anytime before May 11th.

An ordered home brings inner calm.

Find serenity in your home by following the “one in, two out” rule – whenever you bring in an item, get rid of two.

One step at a time.

Start by tackling one room in your house. Spending time in that room once you have finished will feel so good, it will motivate you to do another!

One person’s junk is another’s treasure.

It’s easier to get rid of things when you know that you’ll be giving them to someone who can use them – donate to a charity.

Enlist your friends and family.

The more hands pitching in, the better. Get boxes and trash bags ready, and plan a trip to a charity to drop off donated items.

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