Trees need a little help too

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I wanted to share with you a situation that is happening in my neighbourhood.  This may be happening in your ‘hood too one day if it hasn’t already, and it makes me sad.  I’m all for progress and the need to build new homes to attract the buyers… but as our character homes are being knocked down for new, so are the trees.  I know there are some trees that cannot be helped, they have been struck by disease or insects, and they pose a real safety issue with the public so they must be removed or trimmed back.  But when a tree is ‘given’ an issue simply to get rid of it to build bigger homes or extensions, then I think it’s our responsibility to help the trees!  A concerned resident in my area has created and with the support of over 50 local residents, we want a formal inquiry into why a beloved tree of the community was destroyed with city permit, when it was deemed fair condition and viable.  One of the many reasons I fell in love with Leaside is for the mature tree lined streets and I want to help preserve it.

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